Made with patients in mind

It's our goal to provide you with faster and better care. In order to achieve this we want to help you communicate relevant information to your doctor before you meet, so necessary workup can be initiated prior to the appointment. At the same time, this can give you the insight concerning your condition which lets you best prepare for your doctors' visit.

Care when you need it

We make it simple to find both the right doctor for your condition, and an appointment that fits your schedule.

Begin your workup from home

Understand your problem and initiate workup before you see the doctor, and get tailored advice and proper treatment sooner.

Fast and simple payment

Settling the bill should be at your convenience. We make it simple and seamless, and give you full control of your transactions.

Care beyond your appointment

Treatment doesn't end when you leave the clinic. That's why we've made it easy for doctors to send you your treatment plan, in a language you can easily understand, and check up on you to make sure you're getting better.