The doctor has a new sidekick

As doctors ourselves we know that efficiency is key to overcome the stream of work that is clinical practice. Even small improvements can be significant, in this respect. Minutes won amount to hours and days over time. That's why we're focusing on the window of opportunity before consultations. Properly leveraged they hold the potential to help both patients and doctors be better prepared. By making the information we collect available in a clear and concise manner you can spend more time focusing on the issue, rather than trying to make heads or tails of an unclear presenting complaint.

Prepared patients

Letting patients provide relevant clinical information before appointments improves the preconditions of having better dialogues with patients. Insofar as diagnostic accuracy depends on the quality of underlying information, this is also a safety mechanism.

Instant documentation

We generate paperwork automatically, based on what the patient has reported in advance. This alleviates time consuming administration, and allows for more time to focus on the patient.

Care extended

Care doesn't end when the patient leaves your office. That's why we make it easy to automatically follow up the patients you want. We also make it easy to send the patient the info they need.