Smart and efficient healthcare

We are supercharging the patient-doctor relationship with design and intelligent technology.

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Powered by artificial intelligence

Patient/doctor chat

The basis of our services is technology that aids in understanding patients' problems. Through intuitive interactions we can collect and clarify information that in turn can help both patients and doctors; Patients can be given advice instantly upon symptom presentation, and doctors can utilise the information to prepare and optimize care for the patient.

More Time

Letting technology collect and organize information can alleviate repetitive tasks and unnecessary waiting. Transcribing statements or waiting in lines is a waste of both patients' and doctors' time.

Better Experience

Getting help when needed should be simple. It begins with being able to communicate the need – clearly and comfortably, that's why we focus intensely on user experience.

Quality Care

We build safeguards because we know information overload causes things to slip throught the cracks. Critical information should not be missed because patients are unaware of it's relevance or doctors don't think to ask for it.

For patients

We provide a secure end-to-end system that guides you through every phase of a medical checkup. From pre-consultation work-up to treatment and follow-up.

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For doctors

We are dedicated to give you more time for patient-directed activity, rather than administration and typing, with services like pre-made reports and automatic follow-up.

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About Emily

We are a team of doctors, designers and engineers. This composition allows us to combine great user experience design and world-class expertise in machine learning with a diligent clinical focus.

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We’re currently developing our product and talking to medical providers. Get in touch to if you want to know more.

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